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Although you may obtain a clearance or may be assigned to a sensitive position or position or trust, the initial adjudicative decision can be overturned at a later date if you concealed relevant information during the investigation or after the clearance was issued.

Employees who occupy positions of trust and handle sensitive information are expected to report changes or incidents that may impact their clearances. The Adjudicative Guidelines can be a valuable tool in determining if a life-event or situation might result in a need to report.

Self-reporting, while mandatory, emphasizes personal integrity and is preferable to the incident or change being discovered and reported by others.

The following are some examples of incidents and life events where reporting certain changes is expected or may be appropriate.

Change in Personal Status - Marital status (marriage, divorce), cohabitation (living in spouse-like relationship, intimate relationship, or becoming engaged), change of name

Foreign Travel A security briefing before any foreign travel, whether for personal or business reasons, clearance for travel to hazardous countries for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)-cleared individuals

Foreign Contacts Contact with individuals of any foreign nationality, either within or outside the scope of your official duties, in which illegal or unauthorized access to classified or otherwise sensitive information is sought, personal concern that you are a target of an attempted exploitation, all close and continuing relationships between SCI-cleared individuals and foreign nations

Loss or Compromise of Information Inadvertent or accidental loss or compromise of classified or other sensitive information because the first priority in such a situation is to regain control of the classified material

Financial Problems Filing for bankruptcy, garnishment of wages, having a lien placed on your property for failing to pay a creditor, eviction from a residence for failure to pay rent, or simply your inability to meet all your financial obligations

Arrests Any arrest, regardless of whether or not charges were filed, other involvement with the legal system (such as being sued), any circumstance where you were sworn under oath to testify about your association or involvement in questionable activities

Psychological or Substance Abuse Counseling When counseling is needed, you are encouraged to seek assistance from your employer-sponsored Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or other counseling service. Counseling for certain situations need not be reported if you sought the counseling on your own initiative to help you cope. Counseling must be reported if you were advised to seek counseling because of work performance or other undesirable behavior

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