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If an Applicant requests a hearing, it will be held in the United States, in a metropolitan area near where the Applicant lives or works before a DOHA Administrative Judge who will decide the case. Some Applicants represent themselves or choose to be represented by an attorney at their expense or to have a Personal Representative such as a friend, family member, or union representative. Department Counsel, an attorney, represents the Government and will present evidence and argument supporting the allegations made against the Applicant in the Statement of Reasons. Before the hearing the Department Counsel will send the Applicant a copy of the documents that will be presented to the Administrative Judge to support the allegations in the Statement of Reasons. The Applicant is responsible for bringing to the hearing any witnesses or written evidence he or she wishes to have the Administrative Judge hear or consider.

If the Applicant does not wish to have a hearing, and Department Counsel does not request one, the case will be decided by an Administrative Judge on the basis of the written materials presented by both sides.

Department Counsel will prepare a File of Relevant Material that consists of documents that support the allegations contained in the Statement of Reasons and Department Counsel's arguments or comments based on those documents. Department Counsel will send a copy of the File of Relevant Material to the Applicant with a notice that the clearance Applicant will have 30 days in which to make a written response if the Applicant chooses to do so. If, after the 30 days have elapsed, no response from the Applicant is received, the Administrative Judge will make a decision based solely upon the written materials contained in the File of Relevant Material.

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